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A single estate, Mexican bean but without the jump! You still get the rich and aromatic experience of freshly roasted coffee, but without the caffeine hit. Some decaff beans can be a little on the bland side, not this one - on more than one occasion we have had customers call us to make sure it was actually decaff.


There are no solvents, filters or chemicals used in the Mexican Mountain Water Wash method. The beans are simply soaked, and then washed with water to remove the caffeine.


Small = 250g

Large = 1kg



Soft nutty notes, dark chocolate, sweet finish.



Medium body with a mild acidity.


Decaffeinated Mexican Coffee

  • Coffee starts to deteriorate in flavour the instant it is ground, so only grind the amount you are going to use there and then. Store your beans or ground coffee in a cool, dry place and keep the bag sealed. Do not store in the fridge or freezer.

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