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Hello Mold!

Well what a(nother) year! So much has happened hasn't it? Lockdown gave us time to reflect once we recovered from the initial shock of what was unfolding. It became evident that we had ran out of space at our unit in Holywell, and it was time to move to a larger premises and boy, are we glad we did. We have always been fond of this town so were delighted when we found our new home on Mold Business Park, which used to be one of North Wales Newspapers' units. Jules immediately fell in love with its unique asymmetrical Bauhaus style. Brew HQ as we have renamed the building pretty much sums up what goes on there and we have given what was otherwise a dilapidated building a new lease of life, not to mention a great smell! From starting out as coffee roasters we identified our love of all things hot drinks related and began crafting our range of loose leaf teas, Jo calls it getting her 'Chef on' whatever that means? We now blend over 30 varieties of loose leaf tea in-house which Jo also calls her 'therapy' (don't ask). We have converted the roastery to house a viewing gallery so the roasting process can be viewed by visitors in all its deserved glory. We also have a small coffee shop area which showcases our product range and serves as a barista training area. We will get busy with the camera until lockdown eases and we can open our roastery to the public.

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