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Well, a lot actually.

As a family owned business we have worked hard to partner (if we don't make it ourselves) local producers who share our passion for a quality product and sustainable packaging. As a result we are proud to partner William Fox Syrups and Harry's Hot Chocolate, as an independent business we feel it's important to support other local producers.

We have over 30 years experience in the food service industry, which we feel helps us understand the challenges that your business faces on a daily basis. We understand that transparency, consistency of product and unwavering efficiency are what count - we'll leave the beard stroking and navel gazing to other folk. We're simply interested in delivering the very best product, service and friendly advice where necessary. We simply want to help.

Everything from rental (on a rolling one month contract) to supply and service of your equipment. We work with several manufacturers, not favouring any one supplier, preferring instead to find the right solution that works for your business and your budget. The world of coffee, tea and the equipment that supports it are constantly evolving - we're here to make sure you are informed of all that helps make serving that brew at its best.

We are not interested in tying you in to long contracts which lets face it, only ever work for the supplier. Newsflash!!!! Free on loan doesn't exist people, no really!, all you're doing is purchasing an asset for your supplier whilst they happily take an inflated price for your beans. Think about it, there's no such thing as free is there?

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Tired of late delivery?

We simply don't fail our customers.

It has to run like a Japanese train timetable and we have worked hard on making sure this side of our business is right for you. North or South of the UK, it simply doesn't make a difference to what we do, and how we do it.



Everything you need for your beverage offering

Bet you didn't know we can also provide your business with a tailor made solution for everything beverage related.
On the bigger items we offer finance and lease purchase options too - plus maintenance agreements to keep everything running like a freshly buttered bannister.



Zealots will take your coffee offering to the next level, and keep it there

The best roasted beans in the world can be mercilessly murdered in the hands of the inexperienced, our team can make sure your team are fully prepared to wow the world your coffee offering. One to one, or team training is available.

Our time served maintenance technicians ensure that long after the purchase, your equipment is performing flawlessly. 



Helping turn brown to green!

Given the recent tragic statistics on the damage plastic is causing to the planet we are moving towards removing this from our supply chain. We use recycled and recyclable white kraft paper bags to package our retail coffee, which can be recycled at home.

Our roaster has been specified to run on LPG, a much cleaner and greener source of energy, and we're even looking at some cunning ways to re-use spent coffee grounds. We need to put back some of what we are taking out.

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